NTF mission:

omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness



Welcome to the NTF National Training Foundation website!

NTF-National Training Foundation is a nonprofit organization. It was established in 1994 through the Government regulation  1273-p by legal entities which included the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Russian Association for Support to Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Technologies, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Property Relations, Ministry of Antimonopoly policy, Federal Center for projects financing, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Presently the NTF Governing Board includes representatives by the state structures, academic institutions, higher education institutions and private companies.


The main goal of the NTF is to support establishment and development of effective education and research system; information technologies in education and science; Human Resources development. The organization objectives stipulated by the Charter include:

a)      support of innovations aimed at modernization and development of education and research systems, information technologies in education and research, training/retraining of personnel;

b)      analysis of the needs and priorities in the sphere of training/retraining of personnel for developing recommendations for the state and business structures to improve the governance systems;

c)      assistance to development of staff of education and research  institutions, Russian enterprises and commercial organizations through the development of the personnel training and retraining systems oriented responding to the market economy demands;

d)      assistance the development of the management consulting system;

e)      assistance to the efforts aimed at attracting credits and grants of international, foreign and Russian organizations and business structures, donations, other financial resources and technical assistance for the projects development and realization aimed at the modernization of education and research system; information technologies in education and science, training/retraining of personnel;

f)        creation of environment  for dissemination of the best practices of education and research reforms and fostering their further implementation in the system.       

By virtue of the Russian Federation Government Decrees and its own founding Charter NTF has participated in implementing a number of national and international education and training projects including those funded by international governmental and non-governmental organizations and foundations. These projects include, inter alia:

  • Management and Financial Training Project (Loan 3824-RU dated April 25, 1995) in the amount of 40 million US Dollars, duration 1995 2000;

  • Education Innovation Project (Loan 4183-RU dated October 9, 1997) in the amount of 65,75 million US Dollars, duration 1998 2004;

  • Education Reform Project (Loan 4605-RU dated February 8, 2002) in the amount of 47million US Dollars, duration 2002 2006;

  • E-Learning Support Project (Loan 4726-RU dated December 7, 2004) in the amount of 100 million US Dollars, duration of 1st stage 2005 2008.


The implementation of the projects featured a wide use of external expertise and internal activities and monitoring. For these ends the NTF has established a large (over 1000) pool of experts in various fields (Economic and Social Studies, Management, Financial management, Education administration and governance, Educational quality assessment and assurance).

The experience in managing major educational projects, the professional expert community built in the course of their implementation, the tried and tested mechanisms of dissemination of best practices in Russian regions have allowed the Foundation to become a coordinator of the the Russian Ministry of Education and Science Plan of Measures for implementing the provisions of the Bologna Declaration within the higher professional education system.

 In 2007 the capacity generated in the course of implementation of a wide range of projects and the track record established laid claim to the NTF bid to become the implementing agency of the Priority National Education Project. Based on the results of an open competition the NTF was selected as an operator of the Priority National Education Project on support to higher educational institutions introducing innovative educational programs, support to vocational educational institutions introducing innovative educational programs and provision of Internet access to all educational institutions of the Russian Federation.


The NTF implements a wide range of projects aimed at contributing to developing the role of education in the knowledge triangle of education-research-innovation as a driver of the modernization agenda.



Eurasia Foundation Launches US-Russia University Partnership Funding Initiative

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Times Higher Education (THE) will present the rankings methodology and results of the BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2014 at an exclusive and free-to-attend launch event hosted by Koc University (Istanbul, Turkey) on 5 December 2013

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IREG Forum on universities rankings took place in Warsaw, Poland on 16-17th May

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International workshop conference Lessons from Multidimensional Ranking of Russian Higher Education Institutions: from Piloting to Practice will be held 25-26 April 2013

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31 October 2012

IREG Observatory experts advice on the NTF project: Development and Approbation of a Template Methodology for National Rankings of Higher Education Institutions

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Internationalisation and the entrepreneurial university: Mutual reinforcement for maximum results. Written by: Marina Larionova. 

From EAIE Conference in Dublin on 11-14 September. More details about conference

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11 September 2012

"The European Union in the G8"

Edited by Marina Larionova

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The NTF-National Training Foundation holds the Conference Perspectives for Implementation of the Russian Higher Education Institutions Ranking System  (24 September 2012, Moscow, Russia)

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Recent changes in Russian legislation in the field of education

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"At least five Russian universities must be listed in the top 100 of the main global rankings. This will be an evidence of lifting the capacity and reputation of our education"

Dmitry Medvedev held an expanded meeting of the State Council.

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European Union defies critics of its university ranking plan.

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The National Training Foundation (NTF) will hold its second biannual international conference Rationales for Internationalization on the 24th of May 2012 in Moscow, Golden Ring Hotel. The conference is organized in partnership with the Russian Council for Foreign Affairs and the Eurasian Foundation.

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 The 3rd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics:
ICETI 2012 to be held on March 25th - 28th,
2012. The submission deadline for the three collocated conferences is Oct. 26th, 2011

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May 23, 2011

Our country wants to be a part of the constant circulation of ideas and
wants to ensure a high level of scientific mobility, the highest level
possible in the world today

President Dmitry Medvedev met with foreign scientists who were among the
winners of the Russian Education and Science Ministrys first tender for
organising and carrying out research and development work at Russian

Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that we are fully intent on doing everything
necessary to ensure that our scientists and their colleagues from abroad
have the conditions that will allow them to be as productive as possible.
This will at the same time create better opportunities for exchanging and
commercialising ideas, getting them used in production, and developing
modern, high-technology business.
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December 10, 2010

The National Training Foundation (NTF) in association with The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation   held a workshop on the topic of Education and Sustainable development. APEC Growth Strategy. More details


November 25,2010 

European science and education should secure their leadership positions. We can do this through close partnership as well. Russia will continue investing in European research projects. Such as the construction of an X-ray laser in Hamburg or an acceleration centre in Darmstadt. We are ready to offer research opportunities to our EU colleagues at Russian universities and scientific centres, including, as part of special funding programmes. There are also good opportunities in Russia to work at unique experimental facilities. For example, we will soon commission a mega facility for neutron research based on a reactor outside St Petersburg. In return, we hope for reciprocal investments in Russian science and innovation infrastructure.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin article Russia and Europe: From an Analysis of Crisis Lessons to a New Partnership Agenda published in the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. The publication has been timed to coincide with Mr Putins participation in the IV annual economic forum of CEOs and top managers of leading German companies, organised by the newspaper.

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November 17,2010

The government plans to allocate a total of 137 billion roubles to implement the federal education programme, including 53 billion roubles from the federal budget and 67 billion roubles from the budgets of Russias regions, which will continue to receive our support. An additional 17 billion roubles will come from non-budget sources.

Vladimir Putin

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13 September 2010

Universities and other academic institutions will enjoy a simplified procedure of obtaining work permit and other documents which they have been seeking for several years. More details


8 September 2010

The Education Roundtable was held in Moscow on September 7,2010 during the official visit of the President of Ireland Mary McAleese to Russia at the Russian Presidents invitation. It was aimed at the development of the Russian-Irish cooperation in the sphere of higher. More details


19 July 2010

Mr Medvedev and Ms Merkel agreed to hold a Russian-German Year of Science and Education in 2011 and to launch a joint history textbook project. More details

Russian-German intergovernmental consultations. 15 July, Ekaterinburg

12 July 2010

We must be more effective in our use of foreign policy instruments specifically for pursuing domestic objectives, for modernising our country, its economy, its social life and, to some degree, its political system, in order to resolve various challenges facing our society>>>

Dmitry Medvedev

Speech at meeting with Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives in international organizations July 12, 2010


30 June 2010

In the Budget Address to the Government and Federal Assembly on budget policy for 2011-2013  Dmitry Medvedev outlined the main objectives of budget policy. Investment in high quality education and research remains top priority of the Russian Government >>>


25 June 2010

Following the talks in Washington (24 June 2010), Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama issued a number of joint statements >>>


21 June 2010

Pre-G8/G20 Summit Conferences in Toronto >>>


20 June 2010

G20 Pittsburgh summit commitments compliance >>>