Networking models for educational establishments

NTF mission:

omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


Developing and implementing networking models for educational establishments within a framework of modernization programme of vocational education in the subjects of the Russian Federation



Customer NGO The National Agency for Qualification Development (NARK)

The aim of the project is to develop models and normative and methodical materials facilitating networking of vocational education establishments at different levels.

Duration of the project - 2009-2010

The main deliverables of the project in 2009: 

  • Analysis of Russian and international experience in integration of educational establishments, including the main legal and institutional forms of networking cooperation and  examples of its successful implementation in the system of vocational education of Russia and foreign countries

  • Drafting of typical organizational and administrative documents (regulations, etc.)which can be used in building universities networks and implementing various forms of academic mobility

  • Characterizing the main groups/types of networking cooperation participants; drafting regulations on their cooperation and terms of cooperation with executive authorities aimed at implementing social and economic development of the subjects of the Russian Federation

  • Identifying indicators of networking cooperation efficiency of educational establishments in the context of vertical, horizontal and mixed forms of cooperation.


Next steps of the project in 2010

  • Developing normative and methodical support (including organizational, financial and normative recommendations) is necessary for practical implementation of networking models for vocational education establishments in the subjects of the Russian Federation

  • Developing mechanisms for monitoring of networking models for educational institutions in 10 piloting regions.

  • Monitoring and performance evaluation of modernization programmes of vocational education in the subjects of the Russian Federation

  • Organizing final interregional seminar with representatives of executive authorities  of the subjects of the Russian Federation, heads of vocational educational institutions, representatives of association of employers