27.07.2012 The NTF-National Training Foundation holds the Conference « Perspectives for Implementation of the Russian Higher Education Institutions Ranking System»  (24 September 2012, Moscow, Russia)


The Conference is organized in the framework of the project “Developing and Approbating a Template Methodology for National Ranking of Higher Education Institutions” which is being implemented by National Training Foundation collaboratively with International Organizations Research Institute of the National Research University Higher School of Economics for the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.


During the Conference the participants will discuss the following topics:

- Results of the template methodology approbation;

- The experience of the Russian HEIs which have participated in the approbation of the ranking methodology;

- Perspectives of implementation of the rankings in Russian higher education system;

- The methodology application  as an instrument for enhancing the HEIS’ competitiveness and their integration into the global education and research area;

- Adoption and use of the ranking methodology for management decision - making

- The role of the ranking system in the national higher education system.  


On the eve of the Conference (21 September 2012) three on-line seminars will be held:

1. Reflections from the Stakeholders: the Experience of the Russian HEIs’ Participation in Approbation of the Template Methodology for National Ranking of Russian Higher Education Institutions

2. «National HEIs' Ranking System and the Labor Market»

3. «HEIs Ranking System as the Reflection of the Professional Development Opportunities»


The draft of the programme is available in English. Download


We invite you to join the discussions on the national methodology of HEIs ranking.

The additional information is available in Russian on the NTF web-site: