21.05.2013 IREG Forum on universities rankings took place in Warsaw, Poland on 16-17th May


IREG Forum on Universities Rankings
Methodologies under Scrutiny

IREG Forum on universities rankings took place in Warsaw, Poland on 16-17th May.  It was attended by over 130 participants from 32 countries. The forum brought together representatives from rating and accreditation agencies, academic community, representatives from HEIs, students’ organizations and media.
The experience of global rankings methodologies improvement (ARWU, QS, US News, Webometric methodologies) was presented within the forum. The rankings developers drew attention to such aspects of rankings construction as reliable data collection, consideration of various target groups needs, and subject areas rankings.
New approaches to HEIs assessment at regional and national levels were discussed: U-multirank project, rankings of Albanian, Brazilian, Canadian, Russian, Romanian and Croatian universities.
The forum participants also discussed some theoretical issues: potential and limitations of reputation/expert surveys used in rankings, bibliometric data processing, criteria for data aggregation and application of weights in rankings construction.
The NTF presented a template methodology for multidimensional ranking of Russian higher education institutions. In the discussion the forum participants expressed special interest in such aspects as special rankings construction reflecting the HEIs diversity and taking into account the needs of various target groups and measurement of HEIs publication activity using national bibliometric data sets. The presentation is available on the website at the NTF.
The HEIs representatives shared their experience in global rankings participation and views of the rankings results influence on universities’ activities.