US-Russia University Partnership Funding Initiative

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US-Russia University Partnership Funding Initiative




Eurasia Foundation Launches US-Russia University Partnership Funding Initiative


US-Russia Partnership Funding Competition Winter/Spring 2015

The Eurasia Foundation invites accredited higher education institutions from Russia and the United States to submit joint proposals for the development of new institutional partnerships funded by the US-Russia University Partnership Program (UPP).

UPP is a new initiative implemented by Eurasia Foundation that connects higher education institutions in the United States and Russia and supports the launch of new bilateral university partnerships.  The Foundations Russian partner is the Moscow-based National Training Foundation.

The UPP funding competition consists of two stages. The first contact stage provides modest funds to support the design of partnership project proposals, and the second linkage stage offers more substantial funding for implementation of partnership projects. Institutions may apply for both stages or only for Linkage project funding directly.  Proposals must include at least one Russian and one US institution.

All application materials for Contact project funding are due on March 2nd, 2015. Application materials for Linkage project funding are due on May 18th, 2015. In order to access the application materials, higher education institutions must first register their projects in the UPP database. Please click here to access the project registration page.  

In addition to supporting concrete new partnerships, UPP features an online database of suggested partnership projects posted by Russian and US higher education professionals. UPP encourages institutions to use the online database as a resource to locate potential partners for UPPs funding competition.

For more information about partnership funding opportunities and how to apply, please visit the UPP website at or contact UPP staff at

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