Creation of new universities in federal districts

NTF mission:

omprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness


Creation of new universities in federal districts



The aim of creation of new universities is the development of system of higher professional education on the basis of optimizing regional educational structures and strengthening links of educational institutions of higher education with economics and social sphere of the federal districts. The strategic mission of a federal university is forming and developing the competitive human capital in the federal districts on the basis of creation and realization of innovative services and elaborations. A federal university brings about this mission by organizing and coordinating in the federal district works on balanced provision large programs of social-economic development of territories and regions in its structure with qualified personnel, and also with scientific, technical and technological solutions, including by bringing results of intellectual activity to their practical application.

New universities in Southern and Siberian federal districts were created within the priority national project Education on the basis of functioning universities and academic centers in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnoyarsk. The aim of creating new universities is development of system of higher professional education on the basis of optimization of regional educational structures and strengthening connections of educational institutions of higher education with economics and social sphere of federal districts.

In 2007 at the expense of means of the federal budget Siberian and Southern federal universities were financed in the volume of 6 billion rubles. In total in 2007-2009 for creation of new federal universities it is planned to give 13,4 billion rubles. Besides, apart from federal financing in projects the active participation of business and regional authorities is provided.

The primary directions of development of the Southern and Siberian federal universities are:

  • training of modern specialists, holders of baccalaureate and master's degree on the basis of real integration of scientific and educational processes and usage of all methods of modern higher education, including distance (online) education for the managerial sphere, economics, education, science, culture, those technological spheres, which are included to the sphere of national interests;
  • creation of conditions for academic mobility of students, teachers and scientific workers, integration of a university to the world educational space and achievement of international acknowledgement of realizing educational programs within it with aim of export of educational services and technologies;
  • maintaining fundamental and applied researches on priority scientific directions, efficient interaction with the Russian academy of sciences;
  • development of active international cooperation with universities of Europe, Asia and America, participation in international educational and scientific programs.


The Southern federal university was created on the basis of Rostov state university by joining Rostov state academy of architecture and art, Rostov state pedagogical university and Taganrog state radio-technical university. The Siberian federal university was created on the basis of Krasnoyarsk state university by joining Krasnoyarsk state architecture-construction academy, Krasnoyarsk state technical university and State university of nonferrous metal and gold. The renaming and reorganizing of these educational institutions were maintained in 2006.

The analysis of situation in the South of Russia set the selection of five priority spheres of scientific and educational activity in development of the SFU: nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, devices and systems on their bases; biotechnology, technologies of living systems, ecological security; informative and telecommunication technologies, devices and systems; naval, aircraft and rocket-cosmic engineering, radio engineering, automatics and management; designing and projection of products, architectural environment, organization of the use of land, cadastre; humanitarian technologies and models of development of human capital and tolerant social and economic communities in polyethnic region of Russia.

The Siberian federal university picked out 6 priority areas of scientific and educational activity (engineering physics; chemistry of new materials and science of materials; biophysical ecology and biotechnology; cosmic and informative-communicative technologies; geotechnologies; regional economics and human capital management) and 13 enlarged groups of directions and specialties of personnel training, what provides scientific and personnel accompaniment of primary directions of social and economic development of the Siberia's territory.

This approach closely connects educational, scientific and social-economic priorities and defines portfolio strategy of the SFU, built on matrix principle of management: restructure of functioning institutes in new faculties with transfer to a multilevel system of training; creating institute of fundamental training, centers of collective usage of unique devices and equipment, joint with business resource centers and competence centers, common-universities structures of management, and after 2010 - the fully-scale start of technopark of the SFU, of business-incubator, of Center of strategic researches of the countries of the SCO, of Research center of human problems.

On October, 21, 2009, the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a Decree "On creation of federal universities in the North-Western, Privolzhsky, Ural and Far-Eastern federal districts". In these districts there will be created 5 new federal universities: Northern (Arctic), Kazan (Volga Region), Ural, Far-Eastern and North-Eastern.

Creation within the national project of new universities will let elaborate a model of perspective Russian university for distribution in other regions. In these universities there will be introduced new systems of management, and universities themselves will become integrated complexes of education, science and business, which will be centers of innovative and technological development and training personnel of international level. It is supposed that during 5-6 years the institutions of higher education of a new model will become a part of 10 leading universities of Russia, and to 2020 - of 100 best universities in the world.

List of Russian Federal Universities, created in 2006:

  1. The Southern Federal University 
  2. The Siberian Federal University


List of Russian Federal Universities, created in 2009:

  1. The Northern (Arctic) Federal University (on the basis of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University) 
  2. The Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University  (on the basis of the Kazan State University of V.I.Ulyanov-Lenin)
  3. The Ural Federal University  (on the basis of the Ural State Technical University - UPI of the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin) (web-site in Russian)
  4. The Far Eastern Federal University (on the basis of the Far Eastern State University)
  5. The North-Eastern Federal University (on the basis of Yakutian State University of M.K.Ammosov) (web-site in Russian)