NTF mission:

сomprehensive support to development of an effective education and research system as a foundation of the Russian economy and society competitiveness





In dealing with innovational projects, the NTF seeks to achieve sustainable outcomes and problem-solving models which can be adapted to and applied in concrete situations and replicated by others.

The NTF can boast of having accumulated a unique experience and intellectual capacity while working on projects in different areas and of varying types and levels of complexity, inter alia:

  1. The methodology of developing variable curricula including benchmarking and competence-measuring tools.
  2. Technologies for building partnership models between state and privately owned entities in delivering secondary (K1-K10) level vocational training at Russian regional schools, including the methodologies of partnership monitoring.
  3. Methodology of setting up resource centres for vocational training tuned into regional specificity, as well as templates for documents required to set up and operate resource centres.

  4. Methodology of assessing efficiency of using IT in course/subject delivery

  5. Technologies for developing and implementation of information and computer technologies in  education in regional and municipal schools.
  6. Methodology of IT competence testing of students and teaching staff.
  7. Mechanisms of developing and disseminating innovative teaching materials.
  8. Methods of monitoring and assessing efficiency of multi-faceted complex educational projects including international educational programmes.



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